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Public Holidays

Public Holidays 2017

This page contains a calendar of all 2017 public holidays for Nicaragua. Please scroll down to view.

Nicaragua laws grant nine (9) paid holidays per year to employees. In order of appearance, they are January 1st; Easter Thursday and Good Friday; May 1st; July 19th; September 14th and 15th; December 8th and 25th. In each City that celebrates Patron Days, workers in that City get a paid holiday. For example, the city of Managua celebrates August 1 and 10 as Patron Days. Workers required to work on holidays must get overtime pay.

The rights and benefits provided to workers and trusted employees in Nicaragua, are vested rights and may not be diminished or reduced.

The minimum wage in Nicaragua applies to every worker and is set by the government for many types of businesses. The government reviews the minimum wage every six months per Law 625 Minimum Wage law. The labour laws of Nicaragua provide for a 40 hour work week beginning Monday and ending on Friday. The law recognises the traditional day of rest each week, and employers may not regularly require work on Sunday without the employee’s consent or agreement. The government may form exceptions may for necessities including emergency work, utilities, public safety, and public employees. Article 82 authorises holiday pay and annual vacations for each worker.

The laws of Nicaragua define overtime as work performed outside of normal hours and in addition to regular hours worked. There are limits to the amount of overtime and requirements for overtime pay. Article 58 sets the limit of overtime work per day and per week. The law authorises not more than three (3) hours of overtime per day up to a total of not more than nine (9) overtime hours per week. Work classified as overtime hours requires overtime pay. Employers must give overtime pay for hours beyond the daily rule of eight hours per day, and for up to nine hours per week. The weekly limit for regular hours is forty hours per week. Overtime rules apply to work performed on Sunday, the traditional day of rest, or any other holiday or day of rest.

The Labor Code of Nicaragua provides thirty days of paid vacation per year. The Code determines vacation pay based upon fifteen paid vacation for each six months of continuous employment with a single employer. Employers must pay the value of unused vacation at the average rate of salary for six months preceding termination of employment.

Workers receive annual vacation with pay. The pay rate must be the same as the normal pay including items such as commissions, incentives, and bonuses. The vacation pay must reflect the recent salary and normal hours and pay.

Public Holidays 2017

1 JanSunNew Year's Day
13 AprThuHoly Thursday
14 AprFriGood Friday
1 MayMonLabor Day
19 JulWedLiberation Day
14 SepThuBattle of San Jacinto
15 SepFriIndependence Day
8 DecFriImmaculate Conception
25 DecMonChristmas Day