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Easter 2020, 2021 and 2022 in Nicaragua

Roman Catholic religious traditions are strong at Easter and throughout Holy Week in Nicaragua, as in much of Latin America. Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are both observed as public holidays.

20209 AprThuMaundy Thursday
10 AprFriGood Friday
20211 AprThuMaundy Thursday
2 AprFriGood Friday
202214 AprThuMaundy Thursday
15 AprFriGood Friday

There are numerous processions held throughout the country re-enacting events from the Bible’s record of the life of Jesus. His Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem on a donkey is re-enacted by having an actual donkey carry his image through the streets. The death of Christ is remembered with 14-step Stations of the Cross processions on Good Friday.

On Easter Sunday, a procession called “The Reunion” takes place. An image of Jesus starts from one church and meets up with an image of Mary that started from another church. Joyful music is then played at the designated meet-up spot. This is meant to symbolise Jesus reuniting with his mother after his resurrection.

A popular passion play called “The Judea” is also attended by many Nicaraguans every Easter season.