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Eid al-Adha

Eid al-Adha 2019 and 2020

Idul Adha is an annual holiday in Suriname. The date of this holiday moves each year on the Gregorian calendar, since the date is determined by the lunar-based Islamic calendar.

201911 AugSunEid al-Adha
202031 JulFriEid al-Adha

At 14 percent Muslim, Suriname has a higher percentage of Muslims than any other country in the Western Hemisphere. Most of these are of Indonesian or Indian descent, their ancestors having brought their Muslim faith with them when they immigrated to Suriname.

For Idul Adha, Muslims in Suriname will go to early morning mosque services and public prayer sessions. They will also sacrifice a cow, goat, sheep, or other animal to commemorate the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice Ishmael and the ram that Allah provided in place of Ishmael for a sacrifice.

The rest of the day is spent at festive get-togethers with family and friends at home and visiting friends and relatives door-to-door.