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Memorial Day
Puerto Rico

Memorial Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Puerto Rico

Memorial Day takes on major importance in the US Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico contributes over 25,000 members to the US Armed Forces, which is more than many US states. There are also nearly 100,000 veterans living on the island, and over 50 percent of residents either served in the military themselves or have a family member who has served.

202427 MayMonMemorial Day
202526 MayMonMemorial Day
202625 MayMonMemorial Day
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There are many Memorial Day events all over Puerto Rico designed to honour those who gave it all for the sake of others. Memorial Day is all about the fact that “freedom isn’t free” and that we ought to remember and honour the memory of those who paid the price from which we benefit every passing day.

But Memorial Day is also a family time and a fun time. It is observed on the last Monday of the month of May to guarantee a three-day weekend. This provides an opportunity to catch up with loved ones, eat your fill at an outdoor barbecue, swim and sun yourself at the beach, or just get out and enjoy the weather before the hot, hot days of a Puerto Rican summer arrive.

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202329 MayMonMemorial Day
202230 MayMonMemorial Day
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