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Independence Day

Independence Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Honduras

In Honduras and much of Central America, 15 September is Independence Day. It was on that day, in 1821, that Honduras and four other Central American states declared their independence from Spain.

202415 SepSunIndependence Day
202515 SepMonIndependence Day
202615 SepTueIndependence Day
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The history of Honduras’ independence is somewhat complex. After Napoleon invaded Spain in the early 1800’s, revolt broke out throughout the Spanish colonies in America. Almost all the fighting in North America, however, took place in Mexico between 1810 and 1821. Once Mexico had effectively won its independence from Spain in 1821, Central American nations joined in a congress and declared their own independence.

However, Mexico was a monarchy from 1821 to 1823 and did not recognise other Central American nations’ sovereignty. After a Mexican coup in 1823, Mexico finally did recognise Honduras and other Central American states. These states joined together as a single nation initially, but later in the 1830’s, they became separate nations.

Every 15 September in Honduras, children march, sing, and beat drums in parades in almost every town in the country. This is the early day activity, but later, there are street parties and private parties. Towards day’s end, smaller towns hold a flag-lowering ceremony since they can’t afford the wear and tear of flying the town flag every day.

Previous Years

202315 SepFriIndependence Day
202215 SepThuIndependence Day
202115 SepWedIndependence Day
202015 SepTueIndependence Day
201915 SepSunIndependence Day
201815 SepSatIndependence Day
201715 SepFriIndependence Day