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All Saints’ Day
French Guiana

All Saints’ Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in French Guiana

All Saints’ Day is a holiday in French Guiana every 1 November. On this day, Christian believers remember known and unknown saints of past centuries. All Saints’ Day is a significant occasion on the traditional Christian calendar, and is observed by millions of Christians around the world.

20241 NovFriAll Saints' Day
20251 NovSatAll Saints' Day
20261 NovSunAll Saints' Day
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Although French Guiana is separated from France by the vast Atlantic Ocean, it is nonetheless considered a “part of” France. That is, it is an overseas department of the French Republic. As such, it shares the same basic annual holidays with mainland France, including All Saints’ Day on 1 November.

All Saints’ Day in French Guiana is often called The Feast of Toussaint. Toussaint is a contracted form of “tous les saints”, which means “all the saints”. Thus, this is a day to honour all the saints rather than some particular saint as on other Roman Catholic saint days.

People get All Saints’ Day off work and school and generally spend time with family. They also attend special masses and visit the graves of relatives to clean and beautify them. People generally bring a miniature broom to the gravesite and carefully remove weeds, pebbles, and dirt from the tomb area. Then they place fresh Chrysanthemums or other flowers by the tombstone or crypt.

Previous Years

20231 NovWedAll Saints' Day
20221 NovTueAll Saints' Day