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Father's Day
El Salvador

Father’s Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in El Salvador

Father’s Day is observed on different dates in many countries of the world. In El Salvador, Father’s Day is every 17 June.

202417 JunMonFather's Day
202517 JunTueFather's Day
202617 JunWedFather's Day
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This is the same date as neighbouring Guatemala, and El Salvador is one of only a few countries to have a fixed date for this holiday. But, in fact, El Salvador and Guatemala have fixed dates for all of their holidays, including Mother’s Day on 10 May.

Mother’s Day is much more intensively celebrated in El Salvador, but Father’s Day gets its share of festivities too. School children generally prepare a special day for fathers who visit the school that day, holding a few special events and making cards and decorations. But that is usually held on 16 June.

On 17 June, the real Father’s Day celebration takes place at homes all around the country. Children may express appreciation to their Dads for all they do for them, give them a card and a small present, and spend time with them at home or out and about one a one-day excursion.

Previous Years

202317 JunSatFather's Day
202217 JunFriFather's Day