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El Salvador Public Holidays

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National holidays are regulated by the Labour Laws of El Salvador and Official Decree of the Legislature 685, October 20, 1993 and amended on December 7, 2006 to include two new national holidays. The legislature holds the authority to make new holidays as one-time events or propose new annual holidays. It is not unusual for the government to announce a one-time holiday with just a few days’ notice to employers.

Under the Labour Laws of El Salvador, employees who have completed more than 60 days of work have the right to receive a paid day off for all national holidays. These paid days off are at the rate of double their normal pay. If an employee is required to work on a holiday due to the nature of their employment, the employer is required to provide a different paid day off in lieu of the holiday within a 30 day period.

The government of El Salvador reserves the right to move holidays that fall on a Sunday to the following Monday. If this occurs, an announcement will be made when the official dates for the holidays are posted by the government.

Some of the holidays celebrated in El Salvador are religious based holidays that are calculate on the lunar cycle. These holidays will occur on different dates each year. The government requires all employers to acknowledge these holidays regardless of the date they occur.

It should be noted that by government decree, February 18 is Dia de la Republica (Day of the Republic) and is celebrated throughout the country but is not considered a national paid non-working holiday.

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