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National Day

National Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Ecuador

Each 10 August is National Day in Ecuador and marks the day in 1809 when Ecuadorean independence was first declared. Ecuador also has a separate Independence Day celebration that falls on 9 October.

20249 AugFriNational Day Holiday
202510 AugSunNational Day
11 AugMonNational Day Holiday
202610 AugMonNational Day
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For some three centuries Ecuador was a colony of Spain. But like the other Spanish colonies in South American and beyond, Ecuador gradually became disgruntled with Spanish colonial rule and longed to become a free republic. Finally, Quito led the way and declared independence on 10 August, 1809, but Spain squashed that rebellion within two months’ time.

Later, the earlier rebellion of Quito was an inspiration to others who wanted to break free from Spain. A true war for Ecuadorean independence erupted in 1820, with the city of Guayaquil this time leading the way, on 9 October. By 24 May, 1822, Ecuador actually secured its independence at the Battle of Pichincha, and that is yet another distinct holiday on the country’s calendar.

On National Day, you may find parades, dancing, loud music, and traditional foods as part of local celebrations. Also expect some will be enjoying Ecuador’s unique sugarcane based alcoholic beverage known as “trago”.

Previous Years

202311 AugFriNational Day Holiday
202210 AugWedNational Day
20219 AugMonNational Day Holiday
202010 AugMonNational Day
201910 AugSatNational Day
201810 AugFriNational Day
201711 AugFriNational Day Holiday