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Ecuador Public Holidays

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Holidays in Ecuador are regulated by the Ministry of Labor and currently adhere to regulations set forth in the Labor Code issued on June 30, 1977 and later confirmed in 1994. Only one amendment has been made to this labour code in 2007 by Decree 2369. This Decree increased the length of time for the Carnival celebration.

Ecuador’s labour laws require that employers provide a day off to their employees for nationally recognised holidays. Pay for these holidays is based on the worker’s contract with the employer. Employees that are required to work on a holiday due to the nature of their business are required to receive a different day off for holiday celebrations.

It should be noted that Ecuador firmly believes in the long weekend for holiday celebrations. If a regular holiday falls in the middle of the week, the government will change the recognition date for that year to fall on a Monday or Friday to allow for an extended weekend.

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