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Public Holidays

Public Holidays 2017

This page contains a calendar of all 2017 public holidays for Venezuela. Please scroll down to view.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is a country located in the northern area of South America. The people of Venezuela celebrate 17 national holidays. In addition to these 17 dates the government and banks are closed for an additional 27 national holidays during the year.

National holidays are regulated by Article 185 of the national Labour Code. However, at this time this law may be suspended. The current president of Venezuela has suspended many of the rights of Venezuela’s citizens and many laws are currently not in effect. The economic conditions in Venezuela have caused the government to declare many additional holidays at this time in an effort to cut costs.

The government retains the authority to declare national non-working holidays at its discretion. At this time, the government is using this option to add extra work days off each week until economic conditions are stabilised. Prior to the economic crisis in Venezuela, national holidays were guaranteed days off for the public sector. Employers are not required to pay employees for these days off. If an employee had to work on a national holiday, under the law the employee was guaranteed a day off in lieu of that holiday.

Employers have the authority of offering pay for holidays as an incentive or benefit in their employment contracts.

Some of the holidays in Venezuela are celebrated on different dates each year. These holidays are celebrated based on the lunar cycle. The government of Venezuela requires all employers to acknowledge these holidays whenever they occur. The government of Venezuela will provide a list of holidays and their celebration dates at the end of each year for the following year.

Indigenous Religious and Cultural Holidays

Indigenous, Spanish and African cultures all live together in Venezuela creating a very diverse population. Each of these cultures has their own holidays belief systems and special holidays that they celebrate. Some of the indigenous population has belief systems that are tied to the continent and to their specific ancestors. Each of these distinct populations celebrate events that are not considered national holidays.

The government of Venezuela recognises that these celebrations and holidays take place but they do not recognise them as national holidays. Employers are not required to provide special days off for employees to attend these celebrations.

Public Holidays 2017

1 JanSunNew Year's Day
27 FebMonCarnival Monday
28 FebTueCarnival Tuesday
13 AprThuHoly Thursday
14 AprFriGood Friday
19 AprWedDeclaration of Independence
1 MayMonLabor Day
24 JunSatBattle of Carabobo
5 JulWedIndependence Day
24 JulMonSimon Bolivar's Day
12 OctThuIndigenous Resistance
24 DecSunChristmas Eve
25 DecMonChristmas Day
31 DecSunNew Year's Eve