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Labour Day
US Virgin Islands

Labour Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands celebrate Labour Day on the first Monday of September. This differs from most other parts of the world, which observe 1 May instead.

20242 SepMonLabour Day
20251 SepMonLabour Day
20267 SepMonLabour Day
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Celebrations in the US Virgin Islands are much like those on the US mainland. People have family barbecues in their back yards, set off firecrackers, watch fireworks shows, attend parties and parades, and go on picnics. It is also the unofficial end of the summer season and the beginning of the American football season.

Given the tropical climate and sandy beaches, Labour Day in the US Virgin Islands is also a time to swim, sun yourself, and engage in water sports, diving, and snorkeling. There is a major Labour Day parade in Saint John’s, and there are several music festivals, a Coastweeks Cleanup drive, and many other popular events.

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