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Constitution Day
Sint Maarten

Constitution Day 2023, 2024 and 2025 in Sint Maarten

Every second Monday in October is Constitution Day in Sint Maarten. The day commemorates the putting into effect of Sint Maarten’s current constitution.

20239 OctMonConstitution Day
202414 OctMonConstitution Day
202513 OctMonConstitution Day
202612 OctMonConstitution Day
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After the colonial era came to an end, Netherlands still retained a number of small Caribbean colonies, including Sint Maarten, which they grouped together as The Netherlands Antilles. But on 10 October 2010, this group broke up and individual islands became separate countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Aruba had already gained such status back in 1986.

The new constitution and resultant new political status of Sint Maarten and other former members of Netherlands Antilles came about in 2010, but the idea was voted on and approved by the people years earlier. On 21 July 2010, Sint Maarten approved the specific new constitution via its ruling council. On 10 October it went into force.

On Constitution Day, there are major efforts to educate citizens of Sint Maarten of their rights and duties under their present constitution.

Previous Years

202210 OctMonConstitution Day
202111 OctMonConstitution Day
202012 OctMonConstitution Day
201914 OctMonConstitution Day
20188 OctMonConstitution Day
20179 OctMonConstitution Day