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Sint Maarten

Carnival 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Sint Maarten

Every 30 April is Carnival in the small Caribbean state of Sint Maarten. The French northern half of the shared island has its Carnival earlier, but the bigger celebration is on Dutch Sint Maarten in the southern half.

202430 AprTueCarnival Day Holiday
202530 AprWedCarnival Day Holiday
202630 AprThuCarnival Day Holiday
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The celebration continues for 17 consecutive days. Competitions for Calypso King or Calypso Queen get intense, drawing many musicians from nearby islands into the fray. Carnival Village is erected just for the occasion, and many prepare their costumes months in advance. Carnival is a “big deal” here!

And don’t forget the food. The cultural mix here results in a culinary mix too so that food stalls offer everything from johnnycakes to Indian curry dishes.

Previous Years

20232 MayTueCarnival Day Holiday
202229 AprFriCarnival Day Holiday
202130 AprFriCarnival Day Holiday
202030 AprThuCarnival Day Holiday
201930 AprTueCarnival Day Holiday
201830 AprMonCarnival Day Holiday
20172 MayTueCarnival Day Holiday