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Thanksgiving Day
Saint Lucia

Thanksgiving Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia celebrates Thanksgiving Day on the first Monday of October. This date differs from the US and Canadian holidays by the same name. It is a harvest festival traditionally intended as a chance to thank God for the bounty of the land.

202414 OctMonThanksgiving Day
20256 OctMonThanksgiving Day
20265 OctMonThanksgiving Day
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Thanksgiving in Saint Lucia has its roots in the ancient, native Autumn harvest festivals of the original Carib Indian inhabitants. But today, many living on Saint Lucia have little remembrance about these Thanksgiving traditions and see the holiday as nothing more than a three-day weekend.

Most businesses do not close for Thanksgiving in Saint Lucia, and there aren’t many major public events. Some people may have a family get together and dinner, and many will head out to the beaches to swim or even to camp. If you attend a church service on Thanksgiving Weekend, you’ll probably hear a sermon on being thankful.

But all in all, Thanksgiving is low-key in Saint Lucia. To most people, it’s simply an extra chance to relax away from work.

Previous Years

20232 OctMonThanksgiving Day
20223 OctMonThanksgiving Day
20214 OctMonThanksgiving Day
20205 OctMonThanksgiving Day
20197 OctMonThanksgiving Day
20181 OctMonThanksgiving Day
20172 OctMonThanksgiving Day