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National Day
Saint Lucia

National Day 2023, 2024 and 2025 in Saint Lucia

The National Day of Saint Lucia falls on 13 December, which is also the feast day of the island’s namesake patron saint, Saint Lucia of Syracuse.

202313 DecWedNational Day
202413 DecFriNational Day
202513 DecSatNational Day
202613 DecSunNational Day
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Saint Lucy died a martyr’s death during the persecution under the Roman Emperor Diocletian, some say after having her eyes gouged out. The story goes that she refused to marry a certain pagan sailor, who then turned her in on suspicion of being a Christian.

In Saint Lucia, Saint Lucia’s Day (National Day) marks the beginning of the Christmas season. There will be a grand festival of lights on Saint Lucia’s Day Eve in Castries, the island’s capital city. And this event also features a decorative lantern competition and fireworks.

But that’ not all that goes on in Saint Lucia on, or on the night before, National Day. There are also choral performances, musical band events, a market festival, sports matches, and special church services. It is truly a major event and a foretaste of the festivities to come during the Christmas season.

Previous Years

202213 DecTueNational Day
202113 DecMonNational Day
202013 DecSunNational Day
201913 DecFriNational Day
201813 DecThuNational Day
201713 DecWedNational Day