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Labour Day
Saint Lucia

Labour Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia lists Labour Day among their national public holidays and celebrates it every first day of May.

20241 MayWedLabour Day
20251 MayThuLabour Day
20261 MayFriLabour Day
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The Labour Minister, President, or other public officials will give a Labour Day Address to the nation each year. This special speech focuses on the needs of Saint Lucia’s workers, the progress made in meeting past needs, and the importance of everyday workers to the nation’s prosperity and future.

Workers’ trade unions will normally organise pro-labour events and marches for 1 May. Such events both celebrate work and demand improved conditions for Saint Lucia’s workers.

Families in Saint Lucia generally have a festive family dinner and a get together with relatives and friends. They may also get out to the beach for a swim or go on a nature trek.

Previous Years

20231 MayMonLabour Day
20221 MaySunLabour Day
20211 MaySatLabour Day
20201 MayFriLabour Day
20191 MayWedLabour Day
20181 MayTueLabour Day
20171 MayMonLabour Day