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Victory Day
Saint Barthélemy

Victory Day 2025 and 2026 in Saint Barthélemy

Victory Day in Saint Barthélemy comes on 8 May and commemorates the surrender of Germany to the Allies at the end of World War II in 1945.

20258 MayThuVictory Day
20268 MayFriVictory Day
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The freedom secured by those who struggled through the war benefited not only France but also its overseas territories like Saint Barthélemy. Thus, the residents of Saint Barth’s are quick to remember the fallen and the victory achieved over 70 years ago due to its direct bearing on their present situation.

On Victory Day in Saint Barthélemy, there will be local parades, flag waving, feasting, hearing of patriotic speeches, and the usual celebrations. But it is also a day when those off work or school take to the gorgeous beaches and shallow coral reefs that surround their island home.

Others may go for a stroll or hike to see the pristine landscapes and immense diversity of wildlife on different parts of the island. Divers and snorkelers can spot over 180 kinds of fish, and a trek from the east side of the island to the western shore will reveal a dramatic shift from tropical greenery to cactus forests.

Previous Years

20248 MayWedVictory Day
20238 MayMonVictory Day