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Labour Day

Labour Day 2025 and 2026 in Montserrat

Labour Day is often called “Labour Monday” in Montserrat. This is because the holiday always occurs on the first Monday of May. This approximates the 1 May date of most countries while always guaranteeing a three-day weekend.

20255 MayMonLabour Day
20264 MayMonLabour Day
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Labour Day is primarily meant to commemorate the achievements of workers and the history of the international labour movement. In the past, abuse of employees by employers was relatively common compared to today, and change didn’t come easily or quickly.

However, many in Montserrat give little attention to the meaning of Labour Day and simply welcome it as a day away from the “daily grind” of the workplace. Labour Day is basically “taking a breather” and relaxing for a change. There may be a low-key family dinner, an excursion to the local beach, or a walk in the park, but rest and relaxation are key words on this holiday.

Previous Years

20246 MayMonLabour Day
20231 MayMonLabour Day