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King’s Birthday

King’s Birthday 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Montserrat

The King’s Birthday is an official public holiday in the small Caribbean-island territory of Montserrat. This is the official rather than actual birthday celebration for King Charles III, the sitting monarch of the UK, its territories, and of 16 British Commonwealth nations.

202410 JunMonKing's Birthday
20259 JunMonKing's Birthday
20268 JunMonKing's Birthday
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This holiday normally comes on the second Monday of June even though King Charles III was born on 14 November. The tradition of having a “second birthday” for a monarch to ensure a summertime celebration goes back hundreds of years. This allows people to have a day off in which they can get out of the house and enjoy the balmy weather. In Montserrat, however, it’s rather pleasant all year round anyway!

In Montserrat, the main event on the King’s Birthday is the annual King’s Birthday Parade, which typically takes place on the Saturday before the Monday holiday rather than on the holiday itself. Everyone from Royal Montserrat Defence Force members to police officers to schoolchildren walk in the parade, and most of the island’s 5,000 or so residents turn out to watch. The island’s governor is always present, and there is a march-past and a royal salute. Bands may also take part and add music to the mix. The parade takes place at the cricket fields of Salem Park.

Additionally, there are awards given out during the King’s Birthday Parade. Long Service Medals and other honours are granted to military members, police, prison guards, and others.

The King’s Birthday is also a great time for families to get out of the house and have a fun day at the beach. Others opt to just stay home and relax during most of the three day weekend.

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202312 JunMonKing's Birthday
20222 JunThuQueen's Birthday