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Ascension Day

Ascension Day 2025 and 2026 in Martinique

Ascension Day is a holiday in Martinique to commemorate Jesus Christ’s ascension to heaven as recorded in the Bible. It is observed on the fortieth day of Easter – 39 days after Easter Sunday – and always fall on a Thursday.

202529 MayThuAscension Day
202614 MayThuAscension Day
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The customary masses on the importance of Christ’s Ascension, occasional church processions, and a fine dinner at home on traditional “springtime foods” are all a part of the scene here in Martinique every Ascension Day.

On the other hand, there aren’t a lot of special events, and many just use the long weekend to relax at home or at the beach. Weather permitting, it’s the perfect chance to spend some time with nature and take in the warmth of the spring season.

One very unique Ascension Day activity in Martinique is to visit the rebuilt town of Saint Pierre. The original town was once a prominent trading centre but was suddenly burnt to a crisp by the eruption of the up-to-then-dormant volcano Mount Pelee. More than 30,000 perished in the explosion, and there were only two survivors.

Previous Years

20249 MayThuAscension Day
202318 MayThuAscension Day