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National Heroes Day

National Heroes Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Jamaica

Every third Monday of October is National Heroes Day in Jamaica. This public holiday is dedicated to the memory of Jamaica’s seven official national heroes.

202421 OctMonNational Heroes Day
202520 OctMonNational Heroes Day
202619 OctMonNational Heroes Day
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On National Heroes Day, six heroes and one heroine are remembered for their heroic deeds that led to greater freedom and societal betterment for their homeland.

For example, Alexander Bustmante was Jamaica’s first prime minister. Three other heroes were hanged after leading revolts against oppression and “social injustice”. And heroine “Nanny of the Maroons” led a group in resistance and raids against the British colonialists.

But besides remembering these old-time and official-status heroes, modern day heroes are also recognised and given awards on National Heroes Day. This is in accord with Jamaica’s government-run “honours system” that is meant to encourage all noble, heroic deeds in its citizenry.

There are also many special, festive events on National Heroes Day, including musical performances, dancing, cricket and soccer matches, art and craft exhibits, agricultural shows, and more.

Previous Years

202316 OctMonNational Heroes Day
202217 OctMonNational Heroes Day