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Labour Day

Labour Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Jamaica

Unlike in most other countries, where Labour Day is celebrated on 1 May, in Jamaica, it falls on 23 May. The date, however, will move to the following Monday if 23 May falls on a Sunday or a Saturday.

202423 MayThuLabour Day
202523 MayFriLabour Day
202623 MaySatLabour Day
25 MayMonLabour Day Holiday
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The reason for the differing date is to commemorate the 1938 “labour revolt”, an event that did much to help win Jamaican independence.

Alexander Bustamante led the rebellion and later became Jamaica’s first prime minister. After independence from the UK, Labour Day replaced Empire Day, which had been on 24 May and was a celebration of the British Empire.

Bustamante, when in office, helped promote the idea of using Labour Day as an opportunity to take part in community and public improvement projects, and many still volunteer for these programs every year.

Previous Years

202323 MayTueLabour Day
202223 MayMonLabour Day