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Francisco Moranzan's Birthday

Francisco Moranzan’s Birthday 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Honduras

The birthday of Francisco Moranzan is a national public holiday in Honduras. Francisco Moranzan was a leader both of Honduras and of the Federal Republic of Central America, which once united the five nations of Central America in a single union.

20243 OctThuFrancisco Moranzan's Birthday
20252 OctThuFrancisco Moranzan's Birthday
20261 OctThuFrancisco Moranzan's Birthday
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Francisco Moranzan’s Birthday falls within a very patriotic time of year in Honduras. Independence Day comes two weeks earlier on 15 September and is also Francisco Moranzan’s death-day. Then the hero’s birthday falls in early October, with Discovery of America Day (12 October) and Army Day (21 October) following in the same month.

Moranzan rose to power after winning the Battle of La Trinidad against political opponents in Honduras in 1827. He became head of state in Honduras and began to aid allies in neighbouring El Salvador at their own request. During the 1830’s, he became president of the Central American Union and led it, as he had Honduras, in “liberal” reforms against “conservative” opposition.

It’s important to realise that “liberal” meant favouring things like freedom of religion and of the press and cancelling government-enforced tithing to the Roman Catholic Church, rather than the more modern definition. But for these reforms, Moranzan was ultimately executed in 1842. But he is fondly remembered by many in Honduras still today, where his birthday is a national holiday.

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