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Army Day

Army Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Honduras

Armed Forces Day is an annual public holiday each October in Honduras.  The purpose of this public holiday is to give honour and recognition to those serving in the Armed Forces of the country. The holiday is also commonly referred to as Army Day.

20245 OctSatArmy Day
20254 OctSatArmy Day
20263 OctSatArmy Day
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Soon after independence, in 1825, the Honduran Armed Forces were first formed. And for around 150 years, military leaders often became presidents via coups, giving the Army great influence in the national politics. This has changed since civilian rule was reinstated in 1979, but the army is still very active in the public life.

Over 25,000 people serve in Honduras’ Army, Navy, and Air Force, besides reserves and retired former military members. Plus, the army not only defends the country and guards its borders, but they also act as a kind of “extra” police force to fight crime, drugs, and corruption.

The main Army Day events take place in the national capital of Tegucigalpa, where there is a major military parade and some special, official ceremonies. But you will find many public and private celebrations taking place all over the country on this day as well.

Previous Years

20237 OctSatArmy Day
20228 OctSatArmy Day
20219 OctSatArmy Day
20203 OctSatArmy Day
20195 OctSatArmy Day
20186 OctSatArmy Day
20177 OctSatArmy Day