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Americas' Day

Americas’ Day 2025 and 2026 in Honduras

Honduras celebrates Americas’ Day on 14 April. It is also known as Pan American Day. This holiday is meant to express the unity and cooperation among all the nations of both North and South America.

202514 AprMonAmericas' Day
202613 AprMonAmericas' Day Holiday
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Americas’ Day has been a holiday of the Organisation of American States (OAS) since 1931. The OAS has a long history going back to its founding in 1890. The proclamation of the Monroe Doctrine by US President James Monroe in the early 1800’s also contributed to the background that led to Americas’ Day being celebrated in Honduras and in other American countries.

Every 14 April, in Honduras, there are official ceremonies commemorating Americas’ Day and all it stands for, along with displays of the flags of all members of the Pan-American Union atop office buildings and elsewhere. Schools and colleges hold major events, including parades, musical performances, plays, and more. You’ll also see special exhibitions put on by travel companies with historical memorabilia to do with the founding of the OAS.

Previous Years

202415 AprMonAmericas' Day Holiday
202317 AprMonAmericas' Day Holiday