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Battle of Vertieres

Battle of Vertieres 2023, 2024 and 2025 in Haiti

Haiti celebrates Battle of Vertieres Day on 18 November. This is a public holiday that remembers the last great battle in the Second War for Haitian Independence. It was fought against the French and won by the Haitian rebel forces in the year 1803.

202318 NovSatBattle of Vertieres
202418 NovMonBattle of Vertieres
202518 NovTueBattle of Vertieres
202618 NovWedBattle of Vertieres
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The victory at Vertieres was decisive, and independence came within two months of the battle’s end. The defeat of a major colonial power by rebel slaves and the setting up of the first “black republic” in the Americas, were earth-shattering events.

Every year on 18 November, Haiti’s president will give a commemorative speech at the monument to the Battle of Vertieres in Port au Prince. And there are various celebratory and patriotic events held throughout the country.

However, the name Armed Forces Day, once applied to this holiday, was dropped, and the military parade was discontinued in the 1990’s due to the history of violence that had accompanied it.

Previous Years

202218 NovFriBattle of Vertieres
202118 NovThuBattle of Vertieres
202018 NovWedBattle of Vertieres
201918 NovMonBattle of Vertieres
201818 NovSunBattle of Vertieres
201718 NovSatBattle of Vertieres