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Independence Day

Independence Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Guatemala

Guatemala celebrates its Independence Day on 15 September to remember the day in 1821 when it declared itself a sovereign state and no longer a part of the Spanish Empire.

202415 SepSunIndependence Day
202515 SepMonIndependence Day
202615 SepTueIndependence Day
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Most of the fighting against Spanish forces took place in Mexico or in South America, not in Guatemala. But Guatemala nevertheless took the opportunity to become its own nation when they saw the Spanish were losing the war against their former colonies.

Mexico, at first, tried to force Guatemala to be a province within their domain. This attempt failed, however, when much fighting broke out due to resistance and when the Mexican president attempting to subjugate Guatemala fell from power.

Also note, however, that Guatemala was kept under Spanish control during the period from 1811 to 1818 by an oppressive Spanish general named Jose de Bustamante. He put down any and all attempts during that period to start up an independence movement.

As independence day approaches, buildings throughout Guatemala are patriotically decorated. School children sing the national anthem, there will be military parades, impressive air shows, and other celebrations. And this is also a time of year when many Guatemalans like to get out and travel.

Previous Years

202315 SepFriIndependence Day
202215 SepThuIndependence Day