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Victory Day

Victory Day 2025 and 2026 in Guadeloupe

Victory Day is a public holiday falling every 8 May in all of the overseas dependencies of France, including Guadeloupe. This holiday marks the day in 1945 when French president Charles de Gaulle declared in Paris that World War II was over and the victory over Nazi Germany had been won.

20258 MayThuVictory Day
20268 MayFriVictory Day
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In Guadeloupe, as elsewhere where Victory Day is celebrated, you can expect to see some attending special church services, stopping by monuments to World War II veterans, flying the French flag, singing the national anthem, and taking time to remember those who fought and died to protect the world from Nazi domination.

Plus, if you are in Guadeloupe in May, other events occurring that month besides Victory Day activities include the annual French Surfing Competition and the Terre de Blues Festival.

Previous Years

20248 MayWedVictory Day
20238 MayMonVictory Day