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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Grenada

Thanksgiving Day comes on 25 October in Grenada to celebrate the liberation of the island from Cuban-backed Communist forces on 25 October 1983. The invasion by US forces restored democratic rule to Grenada and also ensured the protection of some US medical students living in Grenada at the time. The invasion carried the codename “Urgent Fury”.

202425 OctFriThanksgiving Day
202525 OctSatThanksgiving Day
202625 OctSunThanksgiving Day
26 OctMonThanksgiving Day Holiday
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The history of Grenada leading up to the invasion had been unstable. First of all, Grenada had become independent from Britain only nine years before, in 1974. Then, in 1979, a Communist coup took over the country. But in 1983, a revolt overthrew that regime. It was at that point that a greater conflict between Cuba and the US played out in the battle over Grenada. It was a moment when “the Cold War turned hot”.

On Thanksgiving Day, schools, government offices, and most businesses close. There are special ceremonies to honour those who fought and died for their country in the conflict of 1983. And there are also special church services that people attend to express their thankfulness to God for a free, prosperous country.

Previous Years

202325 OctWedThanksgiving Day
202225 OctTueThanksgiving Day