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Carnival 2022, 2023 and 2024 in Grenada

In Grenada, Carnival is one of the most important annual holidays on the calendar. The largest, main event takes place in the city of Saint George, but every locality has its own plate of special events. And every parish has its own special Carnival costume style.

20228 AugMonCarnival Monday
9 AugTueCarnival Tuesday
202314 AugMonCarnival Monday
15 AugTueCarnival Tuesday
202412 AugMonCarnival Monday
13 AugTueCarnival Tuesday
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Calypso tents open up in July, where those who hope to compete in the national Calypso contest of Carnival compete. There are also school-based Calypso competitions. In early August, concerts become more common and the Carnival mood intensifies. The last week before Carnival Day is the most intense, beginning with La Baye cultural events in the town of Grenville.

By Sunday, the final countdown has begun, and contests for King and Queen of Carnival status are almost decided. A “devil” parade also occurs on Sunday, but they are gone by Monday morning. On Monday and Tuesday, the climax comes when various groups of costumed paraders repeatedly march through Saint George’s.

Previous Years

202010 AugMonCarnival Monday
11 AugTueCarnival Tuesday
201912 AugMonCarnival Monday
13 AugTueCarnival Tuesday
201813 AugMonCarnival Monday
14 AugTueCarnival Tuesday
201714 AugMonCarnival Monday
15 AugTueCarnival Tuesday