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Queen’s Birthday
Falkland Islands

Queen’s Birthday 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Falkland Islands

In many British Commonwealth lands and in the UK itself, the Queen’s Official Birthday is observed sometime in June instead of on her actual birthday. This is done so the holiday can land in the warmer summer months. However, as the Falkland Islands lie in the Southern Hemisphere, they have no need to move the date. The Queen’s Birthday is therefore celebrated in the Falkland Islands on Queen Elizabeth’s actual birthday of 21 April.

202414 NovThuKing's Birthday
202514 NovFriKing's Birthday
202614 NovSatKing's Birthday
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The main event is a big parade – big by Falkland Islands’ standards at least, in Stanley’s Victory Green. There is a 21-gun salute, a fly-past by the RAF, and a march-past by the Royal Army. The Royal Navy also takes part. The governor of the Falkland Islands will be present and will give an official salute to the Queen. Although the Queen would normally not be present, she is symbolised by the flying of her official royal standard. Salutes are directed toward the Queen’s flag.

There are also medals and other awards given out during the ceremony to honour those who have served their queen and country well in various capacities and are deemed worthy.

Previous Years

202314 NovTueKing's Birthday
202221 AprThuQueen's Birthday