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Peat Cutting Day
Falkland Islands

Peat Cutting Day 2019 and 2020 in Falkland Islands

On the first Monday of every October, it’s “Peat Cutting Day” in Falkland Islands. Because this public holiday always falls on a Monday, it is sometimes referred to as “Peat Cutting Monday”.

20197 OctMonPeat Cutting Day
20205 OctMonPeat Cutting Day

Traditionally, Peat Cutting Day was the time of year when the people of Falkland Islands went out to slice off cubes, or other shapes, of surface-soil peat using special cutting tools. This “peat” is abundant in Falkland Islands and consists of accumulated sphagnum moss and other organic materials. It was long used as the primary fuel for heating homes and cooking food on the islands.

Today, peat is not used as much for heating and cooking, and most people don’t even cut peat on Peat Cutting Day. Instead, it is a time to get outside and enjoy the spring weather. Thus, Peat Cutting Day is something of a vestige of a past time now almost gone, but the people of the islands have “re-purposed” the holiday and continue to celebrate it.