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Liberation Day
Falkland Islands

Liberation Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Falkland Islands

On 14 June, Falkland Islands celebrates “Liberation Day” to mark the day in 1982 when the islands were liberated from the control of Argentine invaders. This was the end of the Falkland War between the UK and Argentina.

202414 JunFriLiberation Day
202514 JunSatLiberation Day
16 JunMonLiberation Day Holiday
202614 JunSunLiberation Day
15 JunMonLiberation Day Holiday
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The Falkland Islands were discovered early in the colonial period and were long claimed by Spain, and later, by Argentina after their independence from Spain. However, they had not be occupied or inhabited as yet, and the British claimed and settled them in the 1830’s. Argentina, however, never recognised British control over the islands and still officially claims them to this day.

On 2 April, 1982, Argentina suddenly invaded the Falkland Islands and seized them from the UK. This sparked immediate war between Argentina and Britain. At first, the sheer distance and difficult logistics of waging a war so far from the British Isles made it seem as if Argentina had a chance at victory, but ultimately, the British snatched the Falklands back from their invaders by 14 June of 1982, after about two and a half months of occupation.

The people of the islands never desired Argentine control, and thus, they cheered the British soldiers who arrived as liberators. And every Liberation Day since, there have been special church services and a wreath laying ceremony at Liberation Monument.

Previous Years

202314 JunWedLiberation Day
202214 JunTueLiberation Day