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Feast of San Salvador
El Salvador

Feast of San Salvador 2024, 2025 and 2026 in El Salvador

Every 6 August is the celebration of the descent of the Divine Saviour. The reason this day has such status in El Salvador is because the Transfigured Jesus, the Divine Saviour of the World is the country’s patron saint.

20246 AugTueFeast of San Salvador
20256 AugWedFeast of San Salvador
20266 AugThuFeast of San Salvador
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For Feast of San Salvador, almost every municipality in the country holds an official feast and fair. It is a time of singing, dancing, feasting, and general merry-making.

In the city of San Salvador, a figurine of “The Divine Saviour” is dressed up in a purple robe and carried through the streets to the Metropolitan Cathedral, where the statue of Jesus is temporarily hidden inside a big, blue globe of the world. Then it emerges with a white robe instead of a purple one.

When the statue comes out of the globe, literally tens of thousands of people shout and cheer, being gathered in the cathedral or just outside in the adjacent square.

Previous Years

20236 AugSunFeast of San Salvador
20226 AugSatFeast of San Salvador
20216 AugFriFeast of San Salvador
20206 AugThuFeast of San Salvador
20196 AugTueFeast of San Salvador
20186 AugMonFeast of San Salvador
20176 AugSunFeast of San Salvador