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Independence of Guayaquil

Independence of Guayaquil 2022, 2023 and 2024 in Ecuador

Independence of Guayaquil Day in Ecuador is celebrated each year on 9 October.

20229 OctSunIndependence of Guayaquil
10 OctMonIndependence of Guayaquil Holiday
20239 OctMonIndependence of Guayaquil
20249 OctWedIndependence of Guayaquil
202510 OctFriIndependence of Guayaquil
20269 OctFriIndependence of Guayaquil
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While the “First Cry of Independence” was shouted out on 10 August in 1809, but declaring independence is one thing and winning it another. Much of the country was still under Spanish rule for some time.

But on 9 October 1820, patriots in Guayaquil sneaked out around midnight and joined a group of other patriot rebels called the Granaderos. The group then took over the local weapons depot and arrested the local Spanish general and governor. Before the sun ever rose, the people were celebrating the independence of Guayaquil.

Guayaquil soon also became the meeting place of the two great South American liberators, Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin. And a statue of these two victors shaking hands is found at the city’s waterfront. By 1822, independence had been won for all Ecuador; though it was still part of Gran Colombia for a time.

Previous Years

20218 OctFriIndependence of Guayaquil Holiday
9 OctSatIndependence of Guayaquil
20209 OctFriIndependence of Guayaquil
20199 OctWedIndependence of Guayaquil
20188 OctMonIndependence of Guayaquil
20179 OctMonIndependence of Guayaquil