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Independence of Cuenca

Independence of Cuenca 2022, 2023 and 2024 in Ecuador

In Ecuador, 3 November is Independence of Cuenca Day, also known as Foundation of Cuenca Day.

20223 NovThuIndependence of Cuenca
20233 NovFriIndependence of Cuenca
20243 NovSunIndependence of Cuenca
20253 NovMonIndependence of Cuenca
20263 NovTueIndependence of Cuenca
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Cuenca is Ecuador’s third-largest city, and it was one of the major cities in the colonial era as well. On 3 November, 1820, before the rest of the country had gained its independence, Cuenca declared itself free from Spanish rule. However, other cities, like Guayaquil, had also declared independence separately. Ultimately, Cuenca joined Guayaquil and Quito to form the modern state of Ecuador.

Visiting Cuenca on its independence day not only exposes you to colourful parades, dancing, and partying. It also gives you a chance to tour the old colonial Spanish buildings in the downtown area. And are many art and cultural displays and shows as well to introduce you to the local culture.

Previous Years

20211 NovMonIndependence of Cuenca Holiday
20203 NovTueIndependence of Cuenca
20193 NovSunIndependence of Cuenca
20183 NovSatIndependence of Cuenca
20173 NovFriIndependence of Cuenca