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Community Service Day

Community Service Day 2019 and 2020

Community Service Day is held every 4 November in Dominica to focus on cleaning up the mess that litters the nation’s streets after its very festive Independence Day celebrations.

20194 NovMonCommunity Service Day
5 NovTueCommunity Service Day Holiday
20204 NovWedCommunity Service Day

On Community Service Day, there are numerous community improvement projects to volunteer for all over Dominica, and many do volunteer for them. Although the main focus is cleaning up trash and clutter, there are also other projects that work to beautify communities by planting flowers, bushes, and trees.

The government of Dominica funds the clean-up efforts by buying garbage cans and bags, gloves for workers to wear, dumpsters, or whatever is needed to complete the nationwide clean up.

Monies flow from the national government to local villages and city councils or to community groups dedicated to organising clean-up projects. Many young people are among those who volunteer, but you’ll see people of all ages and walks of life out there doing their part to make Dominica a cleaner, better place to live.