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Carnival 2025 and 2026 in Dominica

The Carnival holiday in Dominica comes each year in February or March, as in many other significantly Roman Catholic countries. The date varies, but it always immediately precedes Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of a 40-day Lenten fast leading up to Easter.

20253 MarMonCarnival Monday
4 MarTueCarnival Tuesday
202616 FebMonCarnival Monday
17 FebTueCarnival Tuesday
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In Dominica, Carnival is known as “Mas Domnik” and is held on the last two days before Ash Wednesday. But there are other events and “previews” that take place months ahead of the official holiday season. For many in Dominica, a full quarter of the year is taken up with thoughts of the upcoming Carnival celebrations.

For months before Carnival arrives, there are Calypso shows and other events in small villages across the island. This is a time of feasting, practicing, and gearing up for the “real” events just ahead. A kind of Carnival preview takes place a month before the holiday and is the official day when Carnival season opens up.

On the Monday and Tuesday just prior to Lent, parades, costume contests, Calypso music competitions, and the other “big events” finally happen. Then comes a stark and sudden change as the island’s people move into the more sombre and sober days of Lent.

Previous Years

202412 FebMonCarnival Monday
13 FebTueCarnival Tuesday
202320 FebMonCarnival Monday
21 FebTueCarnival Tuesday