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Queen’s Birthday
Cayman Islands

Queen’s Birthday 2020, 2021 and 2022 in Cayman Islands

Queen’s Birthday is celebrated by many Commonwealth countries around the world and by UK overseas territories like Cayman Islands. The sitting British monarch is still queen over 16 nations worldwide, and honouring her is a stately and cordial affair.

202015 JunMonQueen's Birthday
202121 JunMonQueen's Birthday
202220 JunMonQueen's Birthday

The exact date of Queen’s Birthday varies somewhat from country to country, and none of them correspond to the Queen’s actual birthday! In Cayman Islands, it is usually observed on the Monday following the second Saturday of June.

Cayman Islands always has a big parade in its capital city of George Town for Queen’s Birthday. Afterwards, there is a “garden reception“ where VIP guests meet and mingle. Then, special awards are given out to various worthies throughout the territory. These are called “birthday honours”.

Queen Elizabeth II has reigned since 1952, one of the longest reigns of any modern monarch. If she is succeeded by a male heir, however, then Queen’s Birthday will become King’s Birthday. All other basic aspects of the holiday, however, would likely continue the same as usual since the day is more about what the monarchy stands for than about any particular English monarch.