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National Heroes Day
Cayman Islands

National Heroes Day 2025 and 2026 in Cayman Islands

The fourth Monday of every January is National Heroes Day in the Cayman Islands, as prescribed by the “National Heroes’ Law”. It is a public holiday designed to honour and call attention to the many heroes of the islands, regardless of the sphere of life in which their heroism was displayed.

202527 JanMonNational Heroes Day
202626 JanMonNational Heroes Day
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There are numerous people who are given awards for heroism at the official ceremonies held annually in George Town Hall. But there are also nine specific heroes who are singled out at the National Heroes Commemoration event.

Honours are also given out in Heroes Square in George Town each year. The governor of Cayman Islands and other high ranking officials attend, along with great crowds of more “common folk”. Hundreds of awards are given out, to everyone from sports heroes to people who saved others in acts of bravery during the preceding year.

Then there is a colourful “heroes parade” that includes police, firemen, prison guards, girl and boy scouts, and many other participants. There are also sports displays and demonstrations put on by the Cayman Islands Sports Association, public concerts, and an abundance of traditional foods served to the crowds.

Previous Years

202422 JanMonNational Heroes Day
202323 JanMonNational Heroes Day