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Constitution Day
Cayman Islands

Constitution Day 2020, 2021 and 2022 in Cayman Islands

Every first Monday of July is Constitution Day in Cayman Islands. It is a public holiday that commemorates the passing of the islands’ first constitution back in 1959. The date of adoption of the constitution that year was 4 July, but the date is now movable, always falling on a Monday.

20206 JulMonConstitution Day
20215 JulMonConstitution Day
20224 JulMonConstitution Day

The British Empire claimed and established control over the Cayman Islands in the 1600’s, but the islands had virtually no permanent population until the early 1700’s. And the most significant settlement period came during the 1800’s. However, in 1863, Cayman Islands was joined to the British Colony of Jamaica.

When Jamaica became an independent nation in 1952, the people of Cayman Islands expressed their desire to remain under British rule as a separate overseas dependency rather than become a part of the new nation of Jamaica.

Finally, seven years later in 1959, on 4 July, a constitution for BVI that codified self-rule versus British rule and also gave the vote to women of the BVI was adopted.

On Constitution Day in British Virgin Islands, the 1959 constitution is put on display all over the territory and experts often stay by to answer questions about the document posed by people visiting the display sites.