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Virgin Islands Day
British Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in British Virgin Islands

In the British Virgin Islands (BVI), every first Monday of July is celebrated as Virgin Islands Day, which is the commemoration of the day on which BVI gained self-governing status within the limits of still being a British colonial possession.

20241 JulMonVirgin Islands Day
20257 JulMonVirgin Islands Day
20266 JulMonVirgin Islands Day
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Between 1872 and 1956, BVI was part of a colonial federation called “British Leeward Islands”, but that entity broke up. The islands became officially a distinct “colony” in 1960 and a self-governing colony in 1967.

Up until 1978, 1 July was celebrated as “Colony Day”, but from 1979 on, it was known as “Territory Day”. Starting in 2021, the holiday has been renamed to Virgin Islands Day.

The day is kept by patriotic speech-giving, musical concerts, and various festivities that occur all across the islands. It is about more than the historic reason for the holiday, nowadays. It is a matter of territorial pride in being a BVI citizen.

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20233 JulMonVirgin Islands Day
20224 JulMonVirgin Islands Day