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Territory Day
British Virgin Islands

Territory Day 2020, 2021 and 2022 in British Virgin Islands

In the British Virgin Islands (BVI), every 1 July is celebrated as Territory Day, which is the commemoration of the day on which BVI gained self-governing status within the limits of still being a British colonial possession.

202029 JunMonTerritory Day
20211 JulThuTerritory Day
20221 JulFriTerritory Day
202330 JunFriTerritory Day Holiday
1 JulSatTerritory Day
20241 JulMonTerritory Day
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Between 1872 and 1956, BVI was part of a colonial federation called “British Leeward Islands”, but that entity broke up. The islands became officially a distinct “colony” in 1960 and a self-governing colony in 1967.

Up until 1978, 1 July was celebrated as “Colony Day”, but from 1979 on, it has been known as “Territory Day”.

The day is kept by patriotic speech-giving, musical concerts, and various festivities that occur all across the islands. It is about more than the historic reason for the holiday, nowadays. It is a matter of territorial pride in being a BVI citizen.

Previous Years

20191 JulMonTerritory Day
20181 JulSunTerritory Day
2 JulMonTerritory Day Holiday
201730 JunFriTerritory Day Holiday
1 JulSatTerritory Day