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Sovereign’s Birthday

Sovereign’s Birthday 2024, 2025 and 2026 in British Virgin Islands

The Sovereign’s Birthday is a holiday in the British Virgin Islands on the second Friday in June.

202414 JunFriSovereign’s Birthday
202513 JunFriSovereign’s Birthday
202612 JunFriSovereign’s Birthday
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Interestingly, the real birthday of King Charles III is 14 November, but a June holiday is a longstanding tradition in many British overseas territories and Commonwealth countries.

On the Sovereign’s Birthday, the governor of BVI ceremonially inspects the parading units, be they military, police, or civilian. And awards are given out to various “deserving individuals”.

As this holiday is always celebrated on a Saturday, it has little impact on the lives of most BVI residents compared to other holidays that fall on week days.

Previous Years

202316 JunFriSovereign’s Birthday
202210 JunFriSovereign’s Birthday
202111 JunFriSovereign’s Birthday
202012 JunFriSovereign’s Birthday
20197 JunFriSovereign’s Birthday
20189 JunSatSovereign’s Birthday
201717 JunSatSovereign’s Birthday