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Somers Day

Somers Day 2020 in Bermuda

In Bermuda, the Friday before the first Monday of August is a public holiday called “Somers Day”. It commemorates the discovery of Bermuda by chance on 28 July, 1609 by Admiral George Somers of the British Navy. From 2021, this holiday will be renamed as Mary Prince Day.

202031 JulFriSomers Day
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In 1609, while sailing toward Jamestown in Britain’s new colony of Virginia, Somers and his crew were thrown off course by a storm. They steered the ship to a reef to avoid drowning since the ship had sprung a leak. Soon, they found it was much more than a reef: it was Bermuda. But at first, it was named The Somers Isles.

The 150 people on the ship all made it ashore and stayed on the island of Bermuda for ten months. They survived by foraging for food, and they even built a small village while there. This was the very unplanned beginning of the British colony of Bermuda.

On Somers Day, the people of Bermuda engage in the second day of a two-day cricket contest called “Cup Match”. But there are other sports besides cricket played during Cup Match as well, and there are other events too. For example, there is a day of singing and dancing at Gate’s Beach, where long boats are sailed in to re-enact the original landing. And there is a parade in Hamilton. Plus, Somers Day is the perfect time to visit the Bermuda Heritage Museum.

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