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Labour Day

Labour Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Bermuda

Labour Day has a colourful history in the small island territory of Bermuda. From early in its history, slavery was a problem. But the abolition of slavery and the slave trade in 1834 did not end unfair labour practices and economic discrimination.

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After the decades-long efforts of the Bermuda Progressive Party, Labour Day became a holiday in Bermuda in 1982. It is observed on the first Monday of every September and always creates a three-day Labour Day Weekend.

For decades, unfair working conditions and other discriminatory practices led to tensions and even riots in Bermuda. The reforms that finally ended these disparities are associated with Labour Day and are celebrated by this holiday. Current problems are also addressed, including the fact that locals are losing out on many job opportunities to non-residents.

On Labour Day in Bermuda, there are marches, parades, road races, concerts, foods stalls, cultural exhibits, and other special events. Politicians are also keen to give public speeches related to equality and worker rights on this day.

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