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Bermuda Day

Bermuda Day 2025 and 2026 in Bermuda

The last Friday of May is Bermuda Day, a time when the island comes alive with excitement to celebrate its rich and diverse cultural heritage.

202523 MayFriBermuda Day
202629 MayFriBermuda Day
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Originally, Bermuda Day was a celebration of the birthday of the Queen of England. But over the years, it morphed into something else. First, it is a kind of national culture day. Second, it is regarded by Bermudans as a kind of “unofficial first day of summer”. It’s a time to get out and enjoy the warm weather.

The Bermuda Heritage Day Parade is, perhaps, the main event of Bermuda Day. Many people line the streets hours before the parade begins to get a good spot. Also, there is a thirteen mile long Marathon Derby that ends at the ocean, which is typically integrated into the overall parade event.

Then, during the afternoon hours, there will be a second parade. And there will also be a cycle race and a dinghy race. Thus, Bermuda Day is largely a day of races and parades, though of course, other events occur as well.

Previous Years

202424 MayFriBermuda Day
202326 MayFriBermuda Day