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National Heroes Day

National Heroes Day 2025 and 2026 in Barbados

Every 28 April is National Heroes Day in Barbados, to honour the 10 official national heroes who are deemed to have had the biggest positive impact throughout the nation’s history.

202528 AprMonNational Heroes Day
202628 AprTueNational Heroes Day
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The date has been kept as National Heroes Day since the National Heroes Act was passed in 1998. The date was chosen because it’s the birthday of the right excellent Grantley Herbert Adams, one of the most important national heroes.

Some of the heroes on the list include: Bussa, who led the biggest slave rebellion in Barbados’ history; Sarah Gill, who fought for religious freedom and an end to slavery; Grantley Adams, founder of the Labour Party in Barbados; Errol Barrow, the nation’s first prime minister; and Garfield Sobers, world-famous cricket champion.

On National Heroes Day in Barbados, many will visit National Heroes Square in Bridgetown, where there are food stalls, music concerts, cultural events, games, and even fireworks.

The Heroes Day Cup chess tournament is a big event, and there are also re-enactments and historical presentations. In the lead up to Heroes Day, school children are taught about the significance of the 10 official heroes and about the history of Barbados in general.

Previous Years

202428 AprSunNational Heroes Day
29 AprMonNational Heroes Day Holiday
202328 AprFriNational Heroes Day