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Errol Barrow Day

Errol Barrow Day 2019 and 2020

Barbados celebrates the public holiday known as “Errol Barrow Day” every 21 January. Errol Barrow was a social activist who greatly influenced Barbados between 1951 and 1987. He was the country’s big independence activist who pushed for freedom for the UK, and he then became the first prime minister of Barbados.

201921 JanMonErrol Barrow Day
202021 JanTueErrol Barrow Day

In 1951, Errol Barrow won a seat in the island’s parliament, but in 1955, he formed his own party (the Democratic Labour Party) and pushed for independence and major reforms. Finally, his party won in 1961 and he became the “premier” of the colony. He negotiated for independence with the UK, which was granted on 30 November, 1966.

As Barbados’ first prime minister, Barrow worked to free up his country from economic dependence on other lands, but he also worked for closer cooperation with other Caribbean island-nations in the Caribbean Free Trade Association. He also saw educational and other reforms implemented.

But in 1976, he lost and was ousted as prime minister. Ten years later, in 1986, however, he won and became prime minister again. But he died in 1987, early in his term of office.